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Such is The Patriots Boast

Such is The Patriots Boast

2016 paper cut out

Cradle of Civilisation

Cradle of Civilisation

2017, paper cut out in glass bell jar

Tracey Eastham


I am an artist and lecturer in art higher education. I was born in 1983 and am based in the North West

of England. I make work using paper that explores ideas around social, cultural and national identity

and I am represented by Paper gallery in Manchester.

My works themselves link to themes of ruin, preservation, and the artificial construction (and

deconstruction) of national identity. The work appropriates representations of landscape by selecting

and then layering together imagery found and collected from science fiction and romantic literature,

the English landscape painting tradition, and heritage publications.

The works are consequently delicate, precarious, and at times, in a part state of collapse. This

precariousness speaks of our relationship with the natural environment, which we attempt to

encapsulate and frame with constructs of identity, class, and ownership. To this end, the use of gold

comes from an interest in history as a valorising force that engenders social and cultural connection

and identity.

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