Barbara Ash

Evagelia Hagikalfa

Szilvia Ponylczki

Katarina Rasic

George Sfougaras

Fatemeh Takht-Keshian

Simon Welch

Elmira & Ramona Zadissa

Eleni Zevgaridou

Nomatei project

Pritam Bhatty

Yaroslava Kellermann

Hannah Cobb

Tracey Eastham

Serena Laborante

Raksha Patel

Pritam Bhatty

Frederic Bigras-Burrogano

About the group


Our group, entitled ‘Focus on Identity’ comprises 18 artists from 11 countries.


We came together in 2017 following an international call by  George Sfougaras  (Γiώργος Σφουγγαράς) to create a group of artists that explore issues of identity and sense of place, in the broadest sense. Since then, through published online projects we have been defining how our work is affected by our experiences of displacement, change and the awareness of our own position as individuals and artists. 



In an ever-changing world where human movement across the face of the globe has exceeded 63 million people, we are a group of individuals, reflecting that transplantation and change. We use our experiences within fluid political, social and gender-specific continua as the inspiration and make work that explores, reflects, comments, and challenges assumptions about Identity.




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