Eleni Zevgaridou MRBS
Greece, UK

Eleni Zevgaridou is a Greek artist leaving in Lincoln, UK. Eleni's work is figurative, narrative, abstract, and lately about portraiture. The materials she employs are clay, plaster, mixed media, and resin.


Her work in sculpture takes a variety of forms, abstract, figurative, and narrative. The materials are clay, resin, plaster, mixed media. All her sculptural work share a fascination with human connections, body language, and individuality. 


“Nomatei” is a monument to the unacknowledged people. It identifies differences of characters, advocates diversity, and eliminates hierarchies and social positions. It offers space to frailty, to the seemingly insignificant and the often bewildered. Nomatei project explores experiences of cooperation, loneliness, tolerance, success, loss, prejudice, complementarity, understanding, social behavior and ultimately coexistence, through the heterogeneity of the figure and through minumentalisation.


Eleni’s investigation explores the complex web of interactions which take place in the process between artist, subject, viewer, participant, recipient, audience, and object. She is an elected member of  The Royal Society of Sculptors.


Contact: zevgarel@gmail.com

Website: https://zevgaridou.gr

RBS: https://sculptors.org.uk/artists/eleni-zevgaridou

Instagram: zevgarel/

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