Serena Laborante


I'm an artist and basically, I'm a drawer; my work is always composed by drawings or paintings even if it concerns installations. Drawing is the key motif in my artistic research. I have started working as set designer in some laboratory of scenography for a theatre in Italy, whilst simultaneously exposing my work to galleries, festivals and centres of contemporary art in Europe and US.


Identity is the key with which we can acknowledge people deeply, by exploring past and traditions we can identify, co-locating people through the interpretation of memory. I'm interested in the concept of Identity because I want to explore the theme of memory, firstly through my own memory, by depicting my memories related to my childhood and my family. Then memory in general, related to collective and folk traditions. I believe that just representing my past I can touch the audience, because each one of us experiences specific situations or emotional conditions. It is

these common, shared experiences that I wish to stir within the audience. Identity is a multitude of memories both personal and collective, inside us.


"I pay particular attention to that which relates to folk traditions and religion that often originates from pagan culture which is a paradigm for expressing personal spirituality"

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