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"Within every marginalized community, exists a subsection that is often most marginalized, those who live within the margins of their mind, enduring mental and neurological setbacks. My endeavour is to mitigate that and bring them out from the margins."

Born in 1971, in Fort Kochi, Kerala, I live and work in Kochi. I am an Artist and a mother of young person with Autism. My work is as much informed by my cultural background - having been brought up in a large, catholic joint family - as much as it is with my daily interactions and observations with my son and his success and failures in coping with the same world that he and I inhabit.


Identity is a set of beliefs and conviction that one has.This is often informed by one's interactions with and personal reading of the world one lives in. This concept of Identity is evolving and mutating, unlike other personal traits and values like honesty, courage, etc. Personal Identity is relevant only in its identification, which necessarily involves an outside reference point. This predication that only by being identified as one or the other does one give meaning to one's identity or, does it have to be that way, is the question that I try and define and seek answers through my work.

Priti Vadakkath


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