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As I near the day of the hang, I felt that I wanted to share this ocassion with the membership of this group. It is true that we have not all had the chance to physically meet. However, I have had the priviledge of seeing some of you on three ocassions. One was a residency familiarisation visit and the other two were group exhibitions, one in London and another in Cambridge. A small number of us have also had the pleasure of meeting up in Newark and in Leicester. As we approach the end of our second year of cooperation and co-existence, I am so aware that amongst the group are people whose friendship means a lot to me. I post this in the hope that it will bode well for our future, however many of us continue in this wonderful group. With all my good wishes,

Here is a link to the complete catalogue, which I hope some of you will enjoy:

George Sfougaras

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