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expressing my self

I turned to art, initially wanting to creatively "emancipate" the energy I felt to have within me, wishing to express my inner world. Along the way until I settled in sculpture I made 15 years of painting, mixed techniques, even jewelry. An excuse to begin my first lessons was the desire to learn the visual language by seeking the opportunity to communicate with people who did not speak the same mother language.

The need to socialize in a strange place like Poland and then England, has given me the impetus to penetrate into a world that gives me great joy. Little by little, the materials, the tools, and the people that taught me began to fascinate me and make me increasingly love engaging in sculpture despite the physical fatigue it contains. …So I started in Poland to work busts and sculptures on a large scale. There, I conquered my expressive means and I got the first and basic knowledge on sculpture. Later I had the opportunity in England to attend a postgraduate course. The research helped me go deeper. (Part of an interview on (in greek) from Maria Xypolopoulou)

Today, my work in sculpture takes a variety of forms, abstract, figurative and narrative. The materials are clay, resin, plaster, mixed media. All my sculptural work share a fascination with human connections, body language, and individuality.

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