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H. Cobb

H. Cobb

Hannah Cobb

I live in Preston, England. I am an artist and a musician, working around the North of England currently. I take my artistic inspiration from the lives of other people, which I am fascinated by, hence the conception of my 'HOME' project; presenting the real experiences of people who were born/have lived in a country outside of the UK.


I've always been fascinated with the concept of identity because it is incredibly subjective. The majority of us struggle with knowing and understanding their own identity, but also be quick to project an identity onto an individual. Identity is one of the ever changing factors of life and is unpredictable. I feel as though 'Identity' is a perfect project title as it envelopes so many key artistic observations; it is always flowing, always changing and never perfect.

"Making political art is

something I could

always see myself doing,

from a young age."

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