Evagelia Hagikalfa

Greece, UK

Evagelia Hagikalfa is a collage and assemblage installation artist from Athens, Greece, now living and working in Portsmouth, UK. She uses recycled materials to create intricate pieces with evocative visual messages. Her work focuses on the human condition through story telling and the use of pre-owned material such as photography and vintage objects. All materials used each piece, are second-hand, found or discarded. Reusing these objects she gives them a new life and purpose while they preserve parts of their own history.


Evagelia often draws inspiration from her cultural background and more specifically mythology, philosophy and poetry. Her collage work is characterised by the synergy of word an image and the simplicity of composition. Contrary to the collages her installation work is complex and intimate. She creates 3-dimensional worlds with photographic slides, viewed only though magnifying and camera lenses, drawing attention to the detail and discovery as a symbolic process to introspection.




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